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Miss an episode?  That's okay, they'll always be there for you to look back on.  Like to binge read past episodes?  We got you covered there too!  Previous seasons are published as a whole in paperback editions.  You can easily find them all on Amazon.


Upcoming serials:



Junior Texas Rangers Tex Alford and Sly Denny III bring adventure, action, and romance to the wild west of 1870's Texas.

The latest Junior Texas Ranger in training is the grandson of the Academy founder, S. M. Denny.  Sylvester Malcolm Denny III, who arrived from New York City is sixteen years old and a reluctant student who at first has no desire to become a Texas Ranger.

Displaying his New York arrogant attitude, Sylvester Denny III collides with his fellow student Rangers in training with childish pranks and hazardous dares.  His future as a Texas Ranger is threatened, so the Academy's director persuades a senior student, eighteen year old Tex Alford, to take Sylvester under his wing in an effort to help the youngster fit into their system of training.

Working together, they discover Sylvester's hidden talent for solving crimes and detecting clues which are concealed from other investigators.  Tex renames Sylvester "Sly" because of his remarkable talent and they embark on a crime stopping spree across Texas.  Tex and Sly match wits with murderous killers as well as others who flaunt the law.  The killers and spoilers of the old west can find no place to hide from the relentless pursuit of the Junior Ranger pair.

Romance blooms when the handsome but shy Sly Denny meets Sigrid Bjorkman, a lovely Swedish blonde beauty.  Her older sister Birgitta, who is nearly a replica of the beautiful Sigrid, finds the tall and dark haired Tex Alford irresistible, and a rocky relationship with the four friends discovers trouble at every turn.

The Texas Rangers Company B in Austin begins to form a habit of asking Tex and Sly to come to their aid on difficult criminal cases.  They are asked to help the Texas Rangers solve crimes and track down killers, and the teenaged Tex and Sly never refuse.  So, the adventures begin with Season One!

Authored by Larry C. York

Start date: Friday, December 1, 2023

End date: Friday, January 26, 2024


Season One has run its course, but you can still get all ten episodes on Amazon for just $.99 each!


A young Billy Bob Brown and his younger sister, Sally, escape their abusive father by running away.  They are scared to death that he is pursuing them and what punishment their brutish father may do to them if he catches them.

They run for their lives, hiding and watching their backs on obscure and dangerous trails, looking over their shoulders to make sure that their enraged father will not catch up to them.  Will they ever be safe?

Authored by Victor Labonte-Smith

Start date pending...



To his friends he is known as Wade, to the rest of the wild west he is known as the Traveller.  To the native tribes he is known as the Far Rider, a man of mystery who lives by the code and is always ready to help a friend or right an injustice.  His friends are Wild Bill Hickock, Sudden Steele, Seth Bullock, Chicago Joe and others.

The Traveller is constantly on the move throughout the west, never staying in one place too long.  Once a job is finished, he moves on seeking new adventures and unknown country.  He loves nothing more than exploring the land from the back of his big, beautiful horse Ten Ten, named so after winning him in a poker game by beating Luke Short with a pair of tens.

The Traveller has been a soldier, Arizona Ranger, scout, lawman and town tamer, acknowledged by most as the fastest and deadliest gunfighter in the west.  With no quit, he will follow his quarry into the seventh layer of Hell and fight the Devil to bring his man in.

Come follow the adventures of the Traveller, one of the most interesting characters the west had ever seen.

Authored by Keith G. Scott

Start date pending...



Mary Oliver watched them bury her husband.  She knew Broken Spur Ranch was in disarray.  There was conflict in the family.  A land grabber was after the ranch.  Mary knew she was losing her grip on everything, and there was only one thing left to do.  It was time to being Sam home!

Authored by Larry Payne

Start date pending...



He shouldn't be here.  He shouldn't exist anymore.  They already killed him once.  There is no coming back.  But sometimes, maybe sometimes, the lust for vengeance can be so powerful that it conquers even death itself.

Authored by Jason Crager

Start date pending...



Authors, have you been writing or do you have an idea for a series?  We'd love to hear it!  Scroll down to find out what we're looking for:

An individual episode should range from 6,000 to 10,000 words and have its own subtitle.  A complete season should consist of approximately 6 to 10 episodes.  An accepted series will be signed to an initial three season run, with an option to discontinue or carry on after that.

To get a series considered for publication, attach your season one, episode one manuscript as a word document in 14 point Times New Roman font to an email and send to  Use "Serial Western Submissions" as the email heading.  In the body of your email, include a brief description and summary of what your series will become.  That's all, it's that easy!

You do not need to have an entire season written before submitting your first episode proposal.  However, publication will not commence until you do have a season finished.

Note: We will consider all proposals that fit into the western genre or any of its numerous subgenres.  Specifics mentioned above are general, and flexible in certain aspects.  If you're unsure, send it over and find out.  It can't hurt right?

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