Welcome to Two Gun Publishing, a traditional publisher of fine westerns.  The western genre is alive and well, with a loyal and ever growing fanbase along with a plethora of incredibly talented authors eager to share their tales.  Here at Two Gun Publishing we are dedicated to bringing you the best in western entertainment.

We are a writer friendly publisher of western fiction.  We publish only novels, novellas and short story collections in the western genre, or any of its subgenres.  Our books are made available both in paperback and digital format through online catalogs.  We believe in standing by our authors through the thick and thin of the writing world and in making quality westerns easily available at reasonable cost to all fans of the genre.

Two Gun Publishing is not a vanity press.  We never require writers to personally finance the publication of their work or to make any financial investment whatsoever on their part.  Authors in our Two Gun Publishing family are appreciated for their talent and expected to do only what they are so gifted in doing: Write!  They do the writing, we do the rest.

As an independent publisher, we do not buy any rights away from our writers.  It's their story and it belongs to them.  We publish our featured titles through a print on demand basis and ebook with distribution by Amazon.  Our primary goal is to keep the western going strong and entertain readers.

When we say Two Gun Publishing family, we mean it!  Two Gun Publishing was founded by a western author who experienced first hand the vigors and uncertainty of writing for a publishing network that concerned itself far more on output than quality and author appreciation.  His books climbed into the best seller charts at a rapid pace only to be pulled from shelves without any forewarning from his publisher, who suddenly collapsed and left many great writers high and dry.  So, this author took matters into his own hands.  He, along with his wife who has several years of experience working in the publishing field, put a professional staff together to create Two Gun Publishing and have not looked back.

Though we are a relatively new publisher, our foundation is strong, our vision is clear, and the skies are the limit.  We vow to never replace quality for quantity, and to always maintain strong working relationships with our writers; to encourage and promote their work, and to bring readers nothing but what they wish for and what they will know to expect out of Two Gun Publishing: fine westerns.

Two Gun Publishing is currently open to submissions of unsolicited manuscripts from both new and established authors.  If you have written a western novel or short story collection and are interested in joining the Two Gun Publishing family, please review our submission guidelines.  We'd love to see your work!  

Questions? Contact us: twogunpublishing@outlook.com