by Jeffrey Paolano

As a photojournalist stationed in North Africa during WWII, Lilly is passionate about her work and has a knack for using unconventional methods to get the inside scoop on a story.  When one of her plans backfires and a surprise explosion impacts her escort vehicle, she is lucky to come out with her life.  However, it is the injuries she can't see that will affect her most.

Suffering from sympathetic paralysis, Lilly is pulled from the field and accompanied west by her assistant, Carol, to find a peaceful place where she can overcome her ailment.  They land in Lolo, Montana and decide to take advantage of the hot springs located there.  During their stay, they witness the hardships of war as seen from the home front and how psychological debilitation plagues soldiers returning from battle.

Under the influence of the beautiful Bitterroot Mountains and Lolo Peak, and against opposition from local politicos, bonds are formed, a unique community comes together, and true healing can begin.




by Jason Crager

Steven.  A man with one name raised to serve the long arm of the law.  With a bullet in his chest and stripped of the badge that defined him, he seeks revenge against those who murdered the only father figure he's ever known.  To get it, he must learn to trust the very outlaws he once fought to bring to justice.

Miss Strawberry Lane.  A Beautiful soiled dove with a past baggage she hopes to keep buried forever.  She longs to become more than just another working girl under the guidance of an established madam and an unknown benefactor.  To reach that status, she has to choose which friends to hold onto, and which ones to turn against.

Dave Rudabaugh.  A brash young gunslinger with something to prove.  He walks a fine line between full time outlaw and easy going drifter.  In his quest to make a name for himself on the western frontier, he first needs to know when to stay true to his own morals and when to give in to greedy impulse.

Zane.  A remorseless killer with ties to crime bosses in the East and the Dodge City Gang in the West.  He will go to great extremes to finish the job he's been hired for.  He'll take lives along the way to deliver his end of the bargain because if he doesn't, he'll be in danger of losing his own life.

In a world of sex, corruption and violence, sometimes the only path to power is to live by the gun... or die by it.


Just Days Away!


by Jack Ballard Jr.

Jeremy, a young man with extraordinary skill as a woodsman, finds his family dead and his homestead burned to the ground.  He discovers the murderers to be a renegade band of Yankee soldiers who are after a hidden cache of gold registered to Jeremy's family.  His heart filled with hate, Jeremy goes after them not for the benefit of gold, but to enact vengeance by way of psychological warfare.

Disagreeing with his family's abuse of government contracts, Henry leaves them to embark on a journey south.  Along the way, he soon encounters rough around the edges Billy "Hawg" and the two develop a rocky friendship as they travel together.  After coming across an ailing Jeremy and attempting to nurse him back to health, Henry feels a moral obligation to help free the young man from emotional anguish.

The search for Jeremy leads Henry west toward a raging battle between Union and Confederate forces.  Tracked by a killer consumed with lust for gold, Henry is now in a deadly race against time to get to Jeremy before it's too late.

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